Audio post-production

The partnership with SoundENGINEering in 2012 was one of the most important new services added to INTERTITULA’s curriculum over the years. In 2016 SoundENGINEering became Xelex Srl, a recording and audio post-production studio which boasts the latest equipment and a variety of more than 100 international professional voices.

The main services on offer are:

  • Dubbing and post-synchronising (films, series, cartoons, documentaries, soaps, ads, company marketing videos etc.)
  • Voice-over
  • Professional speaking/multilingual narration including multimedia courses (e-learning)
  • Audio digitalisation, elaboration and optimisation
  • Audio editing
  • Sound design
  • Mixing and mastering (stereo and multichannel)
  • Audio retrieval and restoring

Dubbing is the substitution of the original voice of the actor with that of a voice artist. It is typically used in films, TV series, cartoons or soaps, and the voice artist carefully follows the lip movements of the actor, at the same time interpreting his mood.

In a documentary, where one or more people appear, the process which is used involves keeping the original dialogue at a low volume whilst the voice artist’s speech can be heard above. This is commonly known as voice-over. In a dubbing studio, as well as one or two soundmen specialised in recording and post-production, there is always a dubbing director, a dialogue translator/adaptor  and a continuity supervisor.

Instead, professional speaking or narrating  means the recording of an actor’s voice that varies according to the type of text or format required (radio broadcasts, radio ads, audiobooks, podcasts, messages, e-learning and so on).

The marriage of finely-tuned technical expertise and specialised linguistic skills means that Xelex Srl and INTERTITULA are a winning combination.