Video post-production

INTERTITULA offers a full service of embedding subtitles/CC onto video.

In particular, we provide:

  • Hardsubbed videos (with embedded subtitles)
  • (Re)authoring DVDs/Blu-rays with new subtitle streams

Open subtitles are pre-recorded subtitles that have been embedded directly into the picture. Unlike closed subtitles they can not be turned on/off.

A hardsubbed video is highly versatile:

  • the subtitles can be fully customized (font, colour, size, position on the screen, etc.)
  • it can be easily converted in different formats
  • it can be compressed in order to facilitate its use on the Internet (for uploading or sending it)

A piece of cake with Rufus Frame Editor 3.0®, our cutting-edge software which allows to import/export almost any subtitle (SRT, STL/EBU, PAC, FEP, XML, etc.) or video format (VOB, MP4, MOV, MPEG, AVI, etc.).

DVDs and Blu-rays are optical disc storage formats mainly designed for movies. They've got high storage capacity, good audio/video quality, and can hold up to 32 subtitle streams that can be turned on/off. By contrast, as a result of these characteristics, they are not suitable for a web-based experience.