Subtitling for film festivals

INTERTITULA is specialized in electronic subtitling for films that are screened during film festivals. Electronic subtitles are pre-recorded subtitles that have been previously translated and synchronized, and shown in real-time along with the screening of the film. The end result is so perfect that the audience hardly notices the subtitles aren't hardcoded onto the movie.

It's a long and complicated process which requires heavy responsibility. That's why we see to the smallest detail:

  • translation, spotting and double-check of the subtitles
  • automatic screening of subtitles with a dedicated software
  • cutting-edge technology (hardware and software)
  • easy setting up and prompt starting
  • problem solving: one of our team is always present and on hand for any eventuality

Technology coupled with the human element: an essential combination for the success of your festival. INTERTITULA features a highly skilled team and considerable experience gained over the years. Failure is not an option.